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Morning comes. Sitting at the table, the sun peaks over the horizon.  That delightful first cuppa beckons and I take the sweet, quietness of dawn to gather thoughts, give thanks and prepare for a day ahead.

Light starts to trickle into the room. The freshness of dawn arrives and I wait to feel some warmth from the morning sun.  Slowly light fills the room seeping into every corner. 

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This week, I borrowed a copy of Christine Caine's book 'Unstoppable' and started reading.  Oh my!  What a read and only a chapter in.  Already it has captured my thoughts and is bringing to life God sized dreams to pursue in my race.  

However, this morning I have woken up with the words 'Broken Pieces' in my head and images of bowls repaired with Gold.

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How often have you sat and prayed searching for answers.  You knock on doors and wait for them to open but only to find yet another door closes to what you thought would be the perfect path for you.  I have.  For five years, I have prayed for the right door to open.  Over that time, I have knocked on doors that I thought were obvious choices only to find they remained firmly closed. 

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The last couple of months have been hard.  I have let the frustrations of life creep in, worries have sent waves of chatter through my mind and I have felt the mental exhaustion from over-thinking situations.  These are all fed by my perfectionist tendancies that taunt me with the, 'I am not good enough'  chatter in my head.  Now, I know that I am good enough for God gave me my personality, my skills, my abilities, as He desired.  However, when the burdens of life weigh you down, it is then that the imperfect thinking cranks up a level or two.

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How many times have you fallen in and out of love?

I am not just talking romantic love, it could be a friendship or a recreational activity.  Perhaps you once had a strong friendship with someone and over time, things changed and that friendship love is no longer there.  Perhaps you loved waterskiing but due to face-planting the water too often, you’re love has tarnished a little.  For the women, perhaps you loved handbags but then came to your senses and now love shoes?

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Ever had those days when focus has faded, dreams seem delusional and the mind is not willing to go the distance?  That we me yesterday.  Last week on holidays, I was on a high and felt energised and alive.  Now, back in the chair this week and within 3 days I am drained (again).  So what's going on??  It's not that the 'I'm not good enough' giant has arrived (I pushed him out awhile ago) but his older brother, "This is never going to happen" has turned up for an unexpected visit.  Apparently, all the time, effort, thoughts, plans and dreams that I have been working on have prompted this contact.  He is sitting at my kitchen table, sipping on a coffee and waiting for me to engage in a casual conversation.

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Yesterday was nothing less than amazing.  Morning worship at church was a beautiful experience.  As I stood there praising God for well, everything, I could not help but feel the song in my heart rising up.  There was this overwhelming feeling that went through my whole body.  There was a joy and at the same time a cry from deep inside calling to my God.

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Things will go wrong.  No doubt about it.  That is life.  However, how we react is the bit that really matters.  Expect the unexpected (so they say) but the reality is, the unexpected can absolutely knock you over and keep you down if you let it.  We can let an event or the action of someone else completely wipe out our self confidence, our trust and end up feeling completely battered and bewildered.  Or, we can stand up and accept what has happened is nothing we can change and move on.

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You are falling, spinning out of control and the ground is fast approaching. You have no reigns to tighten to control, you are completely at the whim of of the wind and gravity.  Scared but at the same time the feeling is exhiliarating, liberating and unbelievably good.  The fresh air against your face makes you feel alive, the inability to control feels like freedom.  Freedom to live, experience, scream or laugh.  The sense of falling brings fear to the surface but you are not afraid, instead you are loving every minute of this ride.

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Imagine, your name is called but not by just anyone.  Not by family or friends but someone much higher.  You are called by the one who created the world and everything in it.  The one who knows everything, for whom time is but a blink of the eye, the one who surrended his only son and watched him pay the ultimate price.  The one who sent a saviour to enable us to come into his presence.  God called you and he called you by name. 


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Four years ago I was weak, frail and vulnerable.  Today I am strong, confident and determined.   In our frailty we find ourselves and come to terms with what we are not.  Surrendering to the pressures is not failure it is acceptance.   When we accept the situation for what it is and ourselves for what we are, we find peace.  In the peace comes understanding and when understanding arrives, it brings with it hope, future and strength. 



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Image: maries-jewels-royals.blogspot

She was a shy, Kindergarten Assistant living in England.  This young woman was plucked from an average job and plunged into a life of abundance.  She was groomed, styled, mentored in the right way to act, behave, present and be.  She was to be the future Queen  of England. Diana had what every girl dreamt of… the prince, the palace, the wardrobe to die for and imagine the shoe collection!


Her life was so different post marriage to that which she had known before.  Governed by rules, appointments and decorum, she presented faultlessly to the public.  In the latter years, her personal life wasn’t quite as rosy as one would expect but nevertheless, she had the eyes of the world upon her.


For those who walk with Christ, we are girls who became Princesses.  We have all the privileges of royalty.  We can walk with heads held high, draped in the robes of royalty and with a tiara firmly positioned on our head.  We are princesses.  We are chosen. 


Our life is to walk as the King walked.  To help,  to serve,  to love,  to trust and to teach.  We won’t always get it right.  However, no matter what we do, we are forgiven.  Our King wields no harsh punishments, all he asks is for us to come and seek forgiveness.  He bore the punishment for us in an event that was so significant that it remains thousands of years after and one that is celebrated worldwide once a year.


What am amazing King we serve.  What an honour to be called a Princess.  What a way to live!


Some days I am so focused, so sure that nothing can stand in my way.  Other days, the focus fades and I feel lost and my footing unsure.  Questions come and flood my mind and the answers are not easy to find.  I search for guidance, direction and confirmation.  Am I heading down the right path?   Am I on track?   Is this what God wants me to do?   Oh how I wish that God would leave little messages of love on my desk each morning telling me exactly what he wants me to do.  Better still, a daily email outlining tasks complete with links for further support and his direct contact details.

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You lie battered and bruised on the ground.  One would think that you have been hit by a truck and then it reversed over you just to make sure.  Every piece of your self-worth and confidence are lying shattered in a million pieces around you.  Tears roll down your cheeks as the initial shock hits.  Those words were cruel, actions uncalled for and well, it came like a bolt out of the blue with no warning.  Just when you were feeling good about yourself, just when you were starting to make progress - BAM!

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I am not strong.  I am feeling weak, vulnerable and confused.  This world promises so much yet the pathways are not so easy to find.   I feel disillusioned with the world today and the choices ahead are life changing and huge.   I need peace, wisdom and clarity.  In my quiet time today, the tears rolled down my cheeks, they just flowed.  I feel trapped and uncertain about what the future holds.   I seek direction and only come up with more questions.  I want answers.  I want to know the right decision to make.  I need certainty.

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    oh yes! love hearing your heart.... "We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves." @ 2 Cor 4:7
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