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Where the brave stand

Battlefields. Where many unite for a single cause. Where lines of intimidation are drawn. Where you stare into the eyes of the enemy.
Sometimes we find ourselves caught in the midst of the battlefield. Maybe it is not clear how we ended up here, but here we stand. We stand as the bullets of criticism, hurt and mind games whistle past our ears. The earth shudders from explosion after explosion, deep crevasses open up ready to swallow us if we fall. Smoke and dust cloud our view. Not knowing which way to turn, we can end up paralyzed in the middle of a war zone.
The smell of defeat lingers in the air, waiting to pounce at the slightest doubt of our self worth and confidence. To hold our ground is hard as with every shake of the earth, our footing dislodges. We brace ourselves in expectation of the coming onslaught. You feel it. You feel it in the deepest part of your soul. Every facet of your body is crying out for refuge. Seeking safety and shelter from the thunderous sound and the rain of resentment and persecution. It feels never ending.


I am reminded of David. A meek shepherd boy who found himself in the middle of a battlefield. It was not his intent that day to fight. His intent was to see his brothers, to bring them food and a message from home. His was simply doing as his father had asked. However, that day he saw the face of the enemy (Goliath) and heard the taunts that were being thrown at the army of Israel. These taunts stirred up courage in David. He could not just stand there and listen. He knew that as long as the army of Israel fled from Goliath, the battle was lost. He knew that someone had to stand up to the giant. He was compelled to act. This shepherd boy stood up to take on the mightest warrior, a giant of the Philistine army who imparted fear with every word and who towered above all.
When many turned and ran, he stood. He wasn't trained in battle, he cared for the family flock. He stood there with only 5 smooth stones and a slingshot. However, he stood there with confidence and believing God was standing with him just as God had done when he overcame the lion and a bear. God delivered Him then. He would deliver him again. David's life changed on that battlefield. His decision to stand and fight saw the rise of a mighty warrior. Prepared to stand when others fled in fear.
Faith. David's faith made him strong. It empowered him to rise above the fear that surrounded him and filled him with courage. In the midst of the battlefield he stood, but not alone. God put the strength in his arm, the aim in his eye and the courage in his heart to face the enemy.
In our battlefields we stand. May we stand in faith confidently knowing that we are not fighting these battles alone. May our stand be filled with determination and perseverance drawn from our faith and the promises of God. The same God that empowered and strengthened David, stands with us. In these battles we are made strong.

For me, I know that when I stand on that battlefield, I do so as an overcomer. One for whom the battle is already won. I do not need to fear. I need to boldly step forward into the battle, raising up my sword and declaring that God is on my side and therefore no army will stand against me. I stand ready to receive all the strength I need from God. Waiting for Him to guide my hand and with my eyes fixed firmly on Him.
Battlefields. It is where the brave stand. It is where God stands shoulder to shoulder with you. As the battle cry sounds, he leans across and whispers in your ear, "Do not fear, I've got this".







Lynnelle Richardson - author the faith journals


 I'm Lynnelle - wife, mum of two, women of faith who enjoys great coffee.  Read my personal journals of faith as God leads and directs me on this life journey.  To contact me, click the button below!


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