I see a Father with his child.  They talk of life, plans and  opportunities.  Together they are creating a future. The Father speaks clearly, guiding and instructing his child.  With one arm around the child, the Father speaks, painting a picture of what is to come.  Speaking words of encouragement, inspiring the child to pursue an abundant life.  Giving hope and planting dreams.

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Battlefields. Where many unite for a single cause. Where lines of intimidation are drawn. Where you stare into the eyes of the enemy.
Sometimes we find ourselves caught in the midst of the battlefield. Maybe it is not clear how we ended up here, but here we stand. We stand as the bullets of criticism, hurt and mind games whistle past our ears. The earth shudders from explosion after explosion, deep crevasses open up ready to swallow us if we fall. Smoke and dust cloud our view. Not knowing which way to turn, we can end up paralyzed in the middle of a war zone.
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